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To successfully reach today’s buyers, marketing automation tools are a must. There isn’t enough time in the day to manually engage every potential buyer, but a marketing automation platform (MAP) can easily reach the right buyers at the right time, at any stage in the buy cycle. No wonder marketing automation systems can drive such great results: According to Marketo, companies using marketing automation effectively earn an average of 79% more revenue than those who don’t. However, if you’ve ever tried operating a MAP, you know getting it up and running is complicated. It’s easy for this valuable system to end up as an expensive email blaster. But with the right approach and expertise, you can see the results your MAP vendor promised. And that’s just what JourneyMax delivers.

67% of the buyer's journey is now done digitally

What Is JourneyMax?

JourneyMax is an automation strategy, content and campaign management solution that helps marketers achieve the full potential of their marketing automation system. This fully customizable solution includes eight strategic and tactical services. Marketers can choose which services they need, and to what extent they need them, to get their perfect level of MAP support.

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Build Your Personalized Marketing Automation Solution

  • MAP Database Assessment
    Data is the fuel that powers automation, so we’ll make sure your database is prepared to support automated journeys. We address data segmentation and alignment, ensure outbound marketing readiness, determine data counts, and handle data supplementation or list purchasing if necessary.
  • MAP Website Setup
    Connecting a MAP to a website empowers marketers to get more data from web visitors, integrate them into nurture journeys, and manage them across the funnel — all automatically. We provide a variety of services to achieve this, depending on your website’s role in a journey. We can implement webpage tracking code, linking web behavior to specific contacts, or set up web forms and decide which assets to gate. And we can set up automated management and nurture programs for web leads, or help improve web conversion and data capture.
  • Scoring Model Development
    Setting up the right lead-scoring rules for journeys empowers you to send the best leads to sales, and nurture the rest until they’re ready to buy. We’ll help develop scoring rules based on profile fit and engagement levels, revealing the right next steps for every lead.
  • Journey Stream Design and Mapping
    Planning effective journeys takes serious thought work — and we’ll handle the heavy lifting. We’ll determine what content assets you already have, and which need to be created. We’ll help decide how and when journey participants should receive information. And we’ll map journey rules to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Journey Asset Creation
    Every successful marketing automation journey needs the right content to power it! Our digital- and demand-savvy creative team is equipped to create content that engages, educates and nurtures buyers: emails, landing pages, videos, long-form content, thought leadership, interactive content and more.
  • Attribution and Reporting Setup
    We’ll help get the right metrics from your marketing automation tool to measure journey performance and ROI. We go beyond the usual performance metrics to provide actionable insight, including sophisticated yet easy-to-use attribution-based reports and revenue analyzers.
  • Campaign Configuration and Setup
    When it’s time to prepare journeys for launch, we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. We can help integrate sales force automation platforms, incorporate social add-ons, deploy real-time personalization, set up complex flow rules and more.
  • Campaign Execution
    Whether it’s a trigger campaign, a drip campaign or any other kind of automated journey, our team will make sure every stream gets up and running smoothly. After launch, we’ll continue to evaluate journey performance, identifying ways to optimize performance.

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