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Bringing in leads has always been Marketing’s responsibility. But for many marketers, that responsibility is getting more stressful every day. Generating demand and bringing in enough leads is a daily challenge: According to B2B Marketing, 85% of marketers are under pressure to generate more leads. And Marketing isn’t just on the hook for quantity, either: Lead quality is also its responsibility. You need to find high-quality leads and move them efficiently from awareness to conversion — as the pressure to deliver keeps rising.

To come out on top, marketers need a modern approach to demand generation and lead management. They need to align Sales and Marketing to handle every lead effectively. They need a strategy for demand gen and sales lead management, including automated journeys and telemarketing. And their marketing technology systems must work seamlessly together. With the right strategy, technology, programs and operations, you’ll have the power to engage buyers, fill your pipeline, and deliver results that blow management away.

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Account-Based Marketing

You’ve seen the stats … ABM brings a high return on marketing investment and provides significant benefits to grow customer relationships. We’ve seen this as we’ve strategically implemented components of account-based marketing, or “key account” marketing, with clients for years. Now we’re making ABM work for companies, using the latest strategies, tools and technologies to create deeper relationships with current customers and close more deals with high-value new ones.

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Marketing Technology Stack Outsourcing

An integrated marketing tech stack is a powerful asset to engage today’s buyers. Don’t have the time or staff to handle one in-house? Outsource the day-to-day martech stack management and operations to us, so you can focus on executing programs that get results.

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Marketing Automation System Optimization

Automated journeys are a key part of successful lead management — but making a marketing automation platform (MAP) deliver value isn’t easy. Our marketing automation strategy, content and campaign management solutions, are designed to help B2B marketers fully leverage their MAP to generate and nurture leads.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing both have roles to play in demand gen, but they work best when they work together! We’ll help develop the strategy, processes and sales enablement tools needed to align both teams, maximize resources and increase revenue impact.

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Telemarketing Services

B2B telemarketing is a tried-and-true tactic for a reason: It gets results! Our in-house team of call specialists can help launch telemarketing programs that generate demand, qualify leads and accelerate your pipeline.

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Program Design, Asset Creation and Execution

Our team of marketing strategists and content creators can help build conversion-focused demand gen programs from the ground up. From planning and content creation to campaign execution, we keep buyers’ needs in mind at every stage.

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Demand Gen Strategy Services

A successful B2B lead generation program takes insight, accountability and precision — and we can deliver all three. We’ll evaluate the conversion stages in your buy cycle, identify your total addressable market, and develop a plan to deliver the leads you’re responsible for.

Attribution, Analytics and Reporting

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, so our cross-system reporting capabilities go beyond basic activity metrics to provide deep, actionable insight. We’ll provide visibility across your operations: program performance, pipeline status, and Marketing’s impact on the bottom line.

Lead Management

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of every company, but not all leads are created equal. We can help identify the opportunities that are sales-ready right now. And for the rest, we’ll put a lead-nurturing plan in place, moving them through the funnel to convert when they’re ready.

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