Inside Sales

Support for Your Team

Make the most of Sales’ most valuable resource: time. Our call specialists can handle day-to-day sales tasks like answering questions, following up on quotes — and, if buyers are ready, even sell directly to smaller accounts. That way, Sales can focus on big opportunities, and you can reach more potential buyers.

Inside Sales Simplified

Let our trained team of telemarketers serve as an extension of your sales team, calling lower-margin prospects they might not have time to cultivate, or may have overlooked.  A virtual sales program will allow you to:

  • Capture revenue from accounts without distracting your sales resources
  • Set appointments for the sales team
  • Provide quotes to relevant prospects
  • Get buyer questions answered quickly, possibly even closing sales!


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Why The Mx Group?

Clients have leveraged our sales team support services to boost their efforts for years. Our experience across a variety of industries allows us to rise above the level of a service provider to become a long-term partner.

With our sales team support services, you gain access to our trained in-house team of business development specialists who are aware of — and aligned with — your business goals and target customers. Their cross-industry expertise allows them to get past gatekeepers and connect with prospects.


Expand Your Reach Without Growing Your Sales Team

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