Content that Attracts, Engages and Converts B2B Buyers

Over the past few years, the amount of marketing content out there has exploded. With more channels and fewer barriers, B2B marketers have countless ways to spread their message. Today’s challenge isn’t how to reach buyers. It’s how to do it right. According to Demand Gen Report, 61% of B2B buyers choose vendors who deliver the right mix of content for each stage of the buy cycle. Buyers want targeted, helpful marketing content throughout their journey — and they’ll go with the company that delivers.

So what makes successful content marketing? Focus, for one thing: right message, right buyer, right time. Insight, for another: letting buyers’ needs guide your content creation and graphic design. As for your marketing mix, inbound methods like video, interactive content and thought leadership can all play a role, along with outbound methods like email and advertising. When you bring all this together, you’ll have engaging marketing assets that convert buyers and leave the competition behind.

Wondering how you can create engaging marketing assets that attract, inform and convert today’s B2B customers?

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Interactive Content

How can you interact with buyers when they delay sales contact? By delivering digital content that acts like a salesperson! Our team will work with you to concept and develop interactive content — assessments, calculators and more — that actively engages buyers, evaluates fit, and gets them excited to purchase.

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Thought Leadership

If you want buyers to choose you over the competition, your company has to become your industry’s trusted, go-to expert. We’ll translate your internal insight into valuable, persuasive assets that speak buyers’ language and deliver the right information across the buy cycle.

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Video and Motion Graphics

Why does video engage B2B buyers? It creates an immersive, attention-grabbing experience buyers can’t help interacting with. Our video production team will help you master this powerful medium, creating videos that tell the right story, catch buyers’ interest and accelerate your content marketing programs.

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Conversion-Focused Content

Targeted, conversion-focused content powers every successful campaign and outbound demand generation program we create for our clients. From email copy and impactful direct mail to collateral design, print advertising and more, the content we produce will creatively convey your company’s value and generate high-quality leads.

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