Giving Thanks and Thinking Ahead

I couldn’t be more humbled by and prouder of the way we came together — colleagues, clients and partners — to accomplish what we did this year. Not just “given the circumstances” accomplishments; accomplishments that would make even the most normal year a banner year.

We introduced new brands to the world. We generated leads for companies impacted by COVID-19. We formed new partnerships that made us stronger. We worked together from our respective kitchen tables like we would from our respective desks. We gave each other extra grace and much-needed space when necessary. We held each other up and we held each other accountable. We proved that as a team we can produce great things in unorthodox ways.

We not only got through this challenging year, we grew from it. We decided not to sit on the sidelines of the movement to make our industry more diverse by better educating ourselves on the issues BIPOC are facing. We added to our team and onboarded virtually. Tom Hayward even transitioned Donut Fridays from the coffee bar to a weekly delivery for a lucky winner. We did things large and small that all contributed to a more evolved culture of caring.

All of this has us thinking, especially at this time of year, about how to say thank you. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the value of care in a time of need. Our annual holiday giving traditions felt even more important and purposeful than ever. So we decided to keep the momentum going and make this year’s gift a gesture of care and support to those who really need it. In the name of our clients and partners, we made donations to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Sarah’s Inn and Chicago Scholars: all organizations that care for people in greater need than us.

The short video message above sums it up, and we hope it spreads the spirit of the season.

Thank you to all of our team members: our Mx’ers, our clients, our partners. Have a healthy and happy holiday and let’s make 2021 another year to be thankful for.