Client Tempur Sealy Wins 2018 Killer Content Award


We were very pleased to accept a 2018 Killer Content Award on February 21 at the B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX) conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, on behalf of our client Tempur Sealy.

The award, called the “Finny,” recognizes Tempur Sealy’s interactive mattress cutaway tool, a sales enablement tool designed by our interactive content team here at The Mx Group.

The tool replaced an age-old sales dilemma, introducing Tempur Sealy’s quality mattresses to busy hospitality buyers without carrying a physical mattress cutaway on sales calls! The challenge was to find a way to show potential customers the features and quality manufacturing of the mattresses, when those elements are mostly hidden within layers of the product.

The interactive tool, created for sales reps’ laptops and tablets, tells the quality story of each mattress and highlights unique features that appeal to specific personas. 3D renderings showcase each distinct layer of the mattress to give potential customers a clear view of the product’s differentiation.

This 3D tool was deployed to be used by the sales team, but the value didn’t stop there. Additional interactive versions were deployed on the Tempur Sealy website and featured at trade shows and conferences. And the 3D renderings have also proven valuable in printed sales communications.

The company’s sales reps have struggled to adopt sales enablement tools in the past, but in a survey of the sales force three months after launch, adoption rate was through the roof! 90% of Tempur Sealy’s independent sales reps said they were using the interactive mattress tool frequently or all the time.

Greg Cremeans, vice president of national accounts for Tempur Sealy’s hospitality division, notes that “the interactive sales enablement tool has offered another value-added asset for our sales team and sales leadership. This is just another great example of the quality creative work The Mx Group continues to deliver to Tempur Sealy International over years of partnership.”

Congratulations to Greg and all our clients at Tempur Sealy, and to the group here who created the tool. You make a killer team!

Hear more about our partnership with Greg and Tempur Sealy, or give us a call today at 800-827-0170 to discuss a sales enablement tool for your team.