Mx + Bray Leino = The Most Capable B2B Team on Earth

The Mx Group is proud to announce our transatlantic partnership with UK-based agency Bray Leino Limited (Mx + Bray Leino). Both top 5 B2B agencies in our respective territories, we have joined forces to provide B2B marketers with a world-class, global agency option outside of the holding company model.

“From a pure B2B marketing expertise standpoint, the strength of our two agencies combined is unmatched. Our custom client teams pull from a deep set of resources to meet a client’s specific challenges so they don’t have to manage multiple agencies,” explains The Mx Group Senior Vice President & Partner Tony Riley.

With a combined offering of over 450 full-time employees, 75 years of experience, and in-house capabilities ranging from strategy and creative to demand generation and digital development, Mx + Bray Leino is the most capable B2B marketing team on Earth.

“The relationship we’ve forged with The Mx Group is simply wonderful. Our clients get the best brains, local knowledge and a team that works together because we want to,” says Kate Cox, CEO of Bray Leino. “We choose to partner on clients when it feels right and we know that we can make a real difference to their businesses. We share ideals, great chemistry, a love of marketing and, most importantly, a passion and spirit to ensure our clients succeed.”

For more information and to find out how Mx + Bray Leino can help your global B2B business, contact Peter Wroblewski.