Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Simplified

Email marketing through your marketing automation platform isn’t the only way to nurture your buyers throughout their journey. A more effective approach encompasses a wide range of channels — especially telemarketing, with its unique power to create a one-to-one connection.

Here are some ways we help you incorporate telemarketing into existing or new nurture journeys:

  • Following up with a call to leads that have engaged with interactive content on your website
  • Reaching out to prospects after sending highly targeted direct mail (including asking if they’d like to receive additional relevant assets to help solve their challenges)
  • Inviting your prospects to a webinar or upcoming event — and calling to follow up afterwards

Wondering how telemarketing can support your B2B sales and marketing efforts?

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Why The Mx Group?

Many mid-size to enterprise companies are leveraging our telemarketing services to boost their nurture programs. Our expertise across a variety of industries allows us to rise above the level of a service provider to become a long-term partner.

With our lead-nurturing services, you gain access to our highly trained in-house team of telemarketing specialists who are aware of — and aligned with — your business goals. If you haven’t mapped telemarketing into your lead-nurturing journeys, you’re missing out on a tactic that has significant potential to move many of your leads further into the sales pipeline.

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