Why We Risked Years of Brand Equity

by / Feb 20, 2013

A lot of people have asked me why.

Why combine companies?

Why lose a name with brand equity, like MarketSense, for one with none like “The Mx Group?”

And what does The Mx Group even mean?

For years, we have brought a unique mix of services to our B2B clients — the cornerstones being targeted lead generation on the front end, and lead management and sales support systems on the back end.

In many respects this hasn’t really changed that much, only the vehicles we use and the sophistication of the execution.

But in other ways it has changed RADICALLY… our ability to create a “Total Market Experience™” both from our client’s perspective and from their customer’s perspective, is truly radical change to how we did this just a few short years ago.

Think about how incredibly integrated it has all become… from messaging, content and tools developed specifically around unique buyer personas; to delivery through database marketing, social media, websites and mobile apps; to the backend tracking of buyer behaviors throughout the buying cycle and across all media touch points… all in real time, and all used to create a Market Experience that is unique to each individual customer.

For clients, The Total Market Experience is equally as seamless… with an ability to see the big picture of their data – their MarketMap, their addressable market, territory playbooks and individual prospects with base level scoring; to their media — with prioritized personas, campaign journeys, scoring models and fully automated movement into the selling cycle; to the backend macro analytics that help us to identify areas of both strength and weakness, and refine over time.

Add to all this the powerful tools we are using every day that were virtually unheard of in B2B a few years ago… rich media, video, and especially mobile and web apps, and the name change was a no brainer!

Andy Mahler

CEO and Founder, The Mx Group

Andy co-founded The Mx Group in 1989 and has led it to become a consistently profitable and growing integrated B2B marketing agency. Focused on database marketing, demand generation and lead management long before it was in vogue for the market at large, Andy has also advocated for all things digital since the mid-1990s, helping transform client programs in the process. He has worked closely with hundreds of B2B companies throughout the U.S. to help guide them in their strategic marketing and management efforts, and he thrives on helping clients and staff connect the dots between strategy, creative, digital execution and business generation. He holds a degree in business administration and marketing from California State University, Chico.