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by / Feb 01, 2023

We kicked off 2023 with a special celebration. In mid-January, employees from across the U.S. united in person for a special 48 hours of service and merriment with our annual Day of Service and holiday celebration. Since the pandemic, The Mx Group has welcomed new talent from across the country. Our hybrid work model has allowed us to increase our growth and employ some of the best experts in B2B. However, like many businesses, we are always looking for opportunities to create connection among teams and across departments, both virtually and in person.


2022 was a productive year with the innovative digital experience, strategic and creative work we developed for our clients. We also saw the continued evolution of our company with our leadership transition and Imagination joining us — expanding our service offerings and the impact we can make for our clients with objective, journalistic content marketing. All of this was made possible by the hard work of our employees. To celebrate their talent, we hosted a company-wide holiday party, flying in Mx’ers from all over the country to connect, engage and create memorable moments together.


The two-day event began with our Day of Service — the day we honor Martin Luther King Jr. by volunteering at charitable organizations across Chicagoland. The next day, we regrouped at our headquarters in Burr Ridge, Illinois, for in-person introductions, team meetings and collaboration. The night culminated with employee achievement awards, recognition, and some fun and games as Mx’ers competed in minigolf.

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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., The Mx Group participated in our second annual Day of Service. Company-wide, we partnered with 11 different charities across Chicagoland to offer traditional volunteer activities and pro bono marketing services.


Throughout the two days, Mx employees felt energized by the camaraderie and inspired for what’s ahead in 2023. As we close the chapter on 2022, we look to the future, ready to face challenges and celebrate successful moments together.

Here are some additional highlights from the night as we recognized the pivotal achievements of our Mx’ers. Not pictured are:

  • The Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow Award — this award recognizes the Mx’er that maintains a sense of calm no matter how much is coming at them. Like a duck on water, their movements are smooth and intentional even though below the surface they are moving a million miles a minute. They never let the intensity of the situation, the pressure of a deadline or the immediacy of a request impact their energy. This award goes to Audrey Garrigan, operations manager!
  • The Individual Contributor Award — the winner of this award has the sole responsibility for every aspect of their function within the agency. They show up every day without fail and take care of business. They are an integral part of our promise to clients to be “fully integrated.” Congratulations to Jason Schoonveld, warehouse manager!

For the rest of the awards that follow, check out the captions of the pictures below to see the winners!

  • The Unsung Hero Award — this person does so many things for so many different people at The Mx Group. They never complain or hesitate when they are asked to support someone or something, no matter how big or small the ask. The work they do is done with extreme attention to detail and delivered with the highest level of quality each and every time.
  • The Team of the Year Award — recognizes the Mx team that embodies the idea of agility and flexibility. If you talk to any member of this team, you understand how much they care about their client and how deeply they know their business.
  • The Leader of the Year Award — awards the Mx’er that shows complete ownership of their work, collaborates and communicates effectively, and genuinely seeks to make others around them better.
  • The Sportsman of the Year Award — this person brings a lot of talent to the table. They are a true team player contributing to strategy, creativity and more to ensure the team and the client achieve the outcome they set out to achieve.
  • The “En Fuego” Award — this award goes to the person whose work is so hot that it is on FIRE! This extremely talented individual produces some of the best work that we put out the door across the agency and is a pleasure to work with.
  • The Impact Award — this is a significant award that recognizes the impactful work this Mx’er creates for clients. They are a true partner to their clients and they demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure their client is successful.  It is also important to note that they don’t deliver impact alone. They do it by leading many different people in a common direction, and the result of their work is tangible.

The Unsung Hero Award went to both Gina DeLand, senior HR associate, and Jasmin Mehmeti, talent acquisition and HR coordinator.

The team dedicated to the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG) account was recognized with the Team of the Year Award.

Otto Hektor, managing director, was presented with the Leader of the Year Award.

The Sportsman of the Year Award went to Kyrsten Benoit, associate creative director.

Phil Arnold, lead motion designer, won the “En Fuego” Award.

The Impact Award was presented to Cyndee Miller, VP and executive director of content.

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