Learn More About Millennial B2B Buyers

The millennial generation is becoming a strong force in B2B buying, which means go-to-market strategies must change to meet and exceed millennials’ expectations when they’re making a purchase decision. In fact, new research shows that 77% of millennial B2B buyers are the primary decision-maker or key influencer within their company.

In this webinar, Kellie de Leon, VP of marketing & strategy at The Mx Group, shares insights from the company’s B2B Millennial Buyer Survey, including ideas on how to address the expectations and preferences of millennial buyers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The challenges millennial buyers need to overcome and want vendors to help them with
  • Millennial buyers’ preferences, such as their inclination to look for peer reviews, which impact traditional go-to-market strategies
  • Tips to help you engage with millennial B2B buyers and win more sales