Siemens needed their online sales portal to inform and engage an independent sales organization that sells highly engineered variable frequency drives (VFD) with a price point ranging from $200,000 to over a million. The site is divided into two very distinct elements, “Before the Sale” and “Fast Track.”

Screenshot of Siemens web application
Before the Sale tool-kit was developed to educate sales teams and align marketing and sales efforts.

Selling Before the Sale’s objective is purely educational. The product is complex and its application varies by industry. The goal is not only to educate sales team members on Siemens VFDs, but also identify competitive offerings and proven sales strategies. The Fast Track tool’s objective is to give an independent sales force the ability to quote a drive without having a degree in electrical engineering. Additionally, Siemens wanted to create consistency throughout this channel and ensure that proposals were professional when delivered.


In order to educate the sales force, Before the Sale was designed around five primary content types:

  • General information related to VFD industries and applications
  • Detailed Buyer Persona and market territory opportunities
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Siemens VFD offering
  • A competitive analysis of near competitors
  • Tools for the sales force to demonstrate product effectiveness

The strategy behind the creation of the Fast Track tool was to generate quotes in a consistent manner that break the arduous task into clear steps and require minimal input from the customer and sales rep. By automating the process of outlining standard options, spare parts packages, delivery timeframes, drawings and the cost to deliver, the sales rep is able to create a complete proposal in a matter of minutes. Integration with existing Siemens technology was also taken into account so reporting and order processing fit within the existing processes.

Picture of buyer personas in Siemens web app

Buyer and market information transfers marketing intel to sales reps hands to understand territory and new buyers better.


For the Before the Sale site, The Mx Group created digestible video in addition to ROI tools. The site offered the findings from a careful market and buyer analysis in the form of Buyer Personas and Territory Playbooks. Furthermore, The Mx Group developed talk-track material highlighting Siemens VFD strengths and points of differentiation in each target industry. The Competitive Comparison section highlights all of the company’s competitors and products from an engineering point of view. Finally, The Mx Group ensured that content was downloadable so that it can be inserted directly into presentations.

Picture of Simens sales port in the web app
5 simple steps to configure a multi-million dollar piece of electrical equipment.

The solution for the Fast Track tool was to produce easy-to-follow steps, leading you to a configurable drive in moments. Starting with contact information and progressing into drive configuration, each element is handled by the tool. The Mx Group built logic around the configuration to limit available options based on selections and ensure only real drives are created by the tool.


The Before the Sale site has been utilized to train new sales representatives and was demonstrated at Siemens U for the use of all sales team members. The Fast Track tool has been a huge success with a steady flow of proposals generated over the last year, and has accounted for over $15 million worth of sales.

Picture of proposals teams can produce in the web app
Fast Track Proposals complete with specifications and drawings.

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