With its patent on cell-based technology about to expire, the Siemens Large Drive Applications division faced a difficult competitive challenge. Knowing that the market might be hit with lower-cost, less-robust clones once their patent expired, it was critical for Siemens to aggressively communicate the reliability and other key advantages of Perfect Harmony variable frequency drives (VFDs) versus other competing products.

Picture of Siemens Perfect Harmony drive for demand generation program
Siemens needed to communicate the advantages of the Perfect Harmony drive that appealed to their targets pain points and deliver qualified leads to its channel.

Even more importantly, Siemens needed to gain deeper insight into buyer motivations, prioritize market opportunities and provide more qualified sales leads to its third-party sales channels.


We created a persona-based, data-driven demand generation campaign that engages audiences through highly targeted messages and delivers a steady stream of truly qualified leads. To start, we developed a map of the total addressable market, quantifying and prioritizing available opportunities across segments, niche markets, territories, key data of purchasing likelihood, etc.

Picture of Siemens Demand Generation Program master territory playbook
A comprehensive market map and detailed sales territory playbooks ensured marketing teams and sales channel partners were aligned on targets and opportunities.

After focusing our aim, we then conducted proprietary research to create detailed buyer personas for each of the key decision-makers and influencers in the industries Siemens targets. This research allowed us to develop content that aligned with each audience’s priorities, decision criteria and pain points.

Picture of personas developed for the demand generation program
Personas provided a quick reference to specific buyer insight for the sales team.

We created a campaign focused on the reliability of Siemens drives in critical applications with the headline “Because downtime is not an option”.

Ad for Siemens Demand Generation program
The ad campaign focuses on everyday challenges where reliability is critical.

The campaign was supported by a content marketing initiative that addressed buyer’s primary pain points, success factors and perceived barriers and presented Siemens advantages.

Picture of content marketing materials developed for the demand generation program
We leveraged insights from the persona development process to develop content that resonated with the decision-makers and influencers.

The program was also supported by an e-nurturing initiative with variable, industry-specific content as well as a multi-phased telequalification effort that ensured only truly qualified leads were delivered to the sales team.


With a steady stream of qualified leads, significant business closed and a highly valuable pipeline of ongoing sales opportunities, the campaign is considered one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Siemens Industry. It produced an ROI of 10:1 and is still resulting in sales two years after its implementation

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