Fairchild Semiconductor is a Silicon Valley icon, founded in 1957. A pioneer in transistor and integrated circuit manufacturing, Fairchild is responsible for some of the inventions that launched the computer age. Today, they remain one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world. However, their website design did not deliver an engaging user experience or adequately express the company’s position as an innovative, market-leading technology brand.

Comparison photo of Fairchild new web design next to old web design
Fairchild needed a new website design to improve the presentation of their brand and better serve the needs of customers and prospects with high-value content.

Building a mobile optimized website was another key challenge. The site needed to perform optimally across all devices.


We took a comprehensive approach to redeveloping Fairchild’s website, mapping out a new strategy for engaging key audiences. Through our comprehensive discovery process, involving stakeholder interviews and a thorough analysis of audience needs, we re-envisioned the website design in a way that mirrors engineers’ planning, research and purchasing processes, embodying a customer-centric strategy within the site’s content and architecture.

Screenshot of Fairchild's dynamic web applications and design tools
The new website delivers a strong brand image and organizes content to match the design engineer’s discovery path.

The new website design quickly and powerfully communicates that Fairchild is:

  • A leading and innovative technology company
  • Focused on partnering with design engineers to power their projects

The new site architecture brings Fairchild’s interactive tools to the surface, helping engineers plan their projects and begin the purchasing journey.

Screenshot of Fairchild web design tools
Conversion actions are prominent but not intrusive, offering clear value to site visitors.

Additionally, we mapped out a set of optimized conversion paths, contextually driving visitors deeper into the site experience.

The mobile-friendly, responsive website invites engineers to access information as they begin their designs, and to continue to work with Fairchild as their projects come to fruition through sourcing, selection and purchasing, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Picture of Fairchild mobile optimized, responsive website design across platforms
The responsive website experience was optimized for all major device types.

Additionally, the new website is fully responsive, delivering a high-quality experience across all devices. leverages coding best practices to maximize the content management system while ensuring performance optimization and maintenance efficiency. Fairchild had purchased a CMS platform before the project began and handled the final implementation in-house. The Mx Group planned page flows and developed designs and template code based on the specifications of this system, while establishing a seamless workflow process with the client’s in-house technical team.

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