Cloud-Based App for Well Drilling

Grundfos / Construction and Infrastructure

As manufacturers of high-quality submersible pumps, Grundfos has vast experience working with well drillers and pump installers within the groundwater market. As technology advanced, Grundfos recognized an unfulfilled need to digitize well contractor operations. Their goal was to create a centralized, online platform that would bring their day-to-day processes online and optimize workflows.

Our solution was to develop a cloud-based, intuitive application for Grundfos that allows companies to manage their well projects in one place, with permissions that share data across multiple team members. We started by interviewing Grundfos stakeholders and targeted water well contractor companies, testing prototypes along the way. Now, comprehensive data sets allow users to upload permits and site photos, log geophysical and structural information, and track pump and installation details. Dynamic visualizations and reports allow them to convert that data into insights for clients and state compliance. In the three months since its launch, over 250 water well contracting companies have signed up for the WellConnect app.

WellConnect homepage and projects view
WellConnect drilling log screens
WellConnect well profile and visualizer

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