Marketing that Engages Buyers — With the Numbers to Prove It

Your marketing team has brilliant instincts for engaging buyers. But these days, instincts aren’t enough. Every day, marketers are on the hook for the hard numbers. Engagement metrics. Lead counts. ROI. Marketing has always been part art and part science … but in order to tackle the science side, you need a strategic marketing plan. That includes a customer-centric brand strategy. It requires a buyer strategy that creates an engaging, conversion-focused experience across the buyer’s journey. And it includes the ability to track your progress and evaluate success at every stage. Because with a B2B marketing strategy that delivers quantifiable insight across your entire operation, suddenly the science side of marketing isn’t so intimidating after all.

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Account-Based Marketing

You’ve seen the stats … ABM brings a high return on marketing investment and provides significant benefits to grow customer relationships. We’ve seen this as we’ve strategically implemented components of account-based marketing, or “key account” marketing, with clients for years. Now we’re making ABM work for companies, using the latest strategies, tools and technologies to create deeper relationships with current customers and close more deals with high-value new ones.

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Brand Strategy

Marketing success depends on the invaluable space you occupy in buyers’ minds: your brand. Our research-based branding process keeps buyers’ needs front and center every step of the way, from research to creative execution. We build brands that resonate with buyers, creating a connection that guides them toward conversion.

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Personas & Buyer Strategy

Your marketing shouldn’t be centered on you — instead, put the focus on the buyer. To win their business, you need to understand them better than the competition does. We’ll create buyer personas that deliver the invaluable buy-cycle insights needed to attract, engage and convert buyers.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

To execute programs that achieve your goals, Sales and Marketing have to be on the same page. From shared lead definitions to collaborative resources and more, we’ll help create a foundation for collaboration, leading to more effective programs.

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Demand Waterfall Forecasting

A steady flow of qualified leads is one of every marketer’s biggest responsibilities, and to help you get there, we’ll start with the end goal in mind. Our B2B marketing strategy experts will map your revenue goal onto the SiriusDecisions® Demand Waterfall, then calculate how many leads are needed at every stage to reach it.

Market Mapping

Want to know exactly whom to sell to? Our market definition, segmentation and sizing services will uncover your addressable market. From there, we’ll help ensure your goals are achievable and realistic, and develop a market penetration strategy for the specific buyer types you sell to.

Research and Insight

The best marketing results come from market-based insight and data, not guesswork. We offer market research services including awareness studies, preference and perception audits, and more — keeping a finger on the pulse of your market.


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