Lead Nurturing

Stay Top-of-mind with Your Prospects

Your marketing automation platform isn’t the only way to nurture your buyers throughout their journey. A more effective approach encompasses a wide range of channels — especially telemarketing, with its unique power to create a one-to-one connection.


Lead Nurturing Simplified

Here are some ways we help you incorporate telemarketing into existing or new prospect journeys:

  • Following up with a call to leads that have engaged with interactive content on your website (e.g., content that configures solutions, calculates ROI, provides additional information or offers the opportunity to talk to an expert)
  • Reaching out to prospects after sending highly targeted direct mail (including asking if they are facing the issues covered by your content and if they’d like to receive additional relevant assets)
  • Inviting your prospects to a webinar — and calling to follow up after the event


 Wondering how telemarketing could support your B2B sales and marketing efforts?

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Why The Mx Group?

Companies such as Huron Consulting and Siemens have leveraged our telemarketing services to boost their nurture journeys. Our expertise across a variety of industries allows us to rise above the level of a service provider to become a long-term partner.

With our lead-nurturing services, you gain access to our highly trained in-house team of telemarketing specialists who are aware of — and aligned with — your business goals. If you haven’t mapped telemarketing into your lead-nurturing journeys, you’re missing out on a tactic that has significant potential to move many of your leads further into the sales pipeline.


Start Nurturing Your Leads Now

Leverage our teleservices for lead nurturing that creates one-on-one connections to keep your buyers moving through the funnel. Call us at 800-827-0170 or contact us today.