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A strong technology foundation is the engine behind successful sales and marketing programs. But if you’re tired of marketing technology that doesn’t deliver what it promised, you’re not alone. Implementing and integrating multiple systems in-house is a major headache for most marketers. In fact, Oracle reports that 92% of marketers don’t believe their company implemented marketing technology successfully. Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way! To make marketing tech follow through on its promises, you need a new approach. Outsourcing marketing technology gives you easy access to the right systems and the right talent to manage them. You’ll be able to focus on generating leads and closing sales — instead of wasting time worrying about tech.

The Mx Group xStack Tech Stack: Redpoint Decision Engine; AWS Managed Marketing Database; Marketo Marketing Automation for emails, websites and landing pages; Noble Integrated Call Center; Birst Cross-system, Self-service Reporting; webLEAD SFA/CRM or your own SFA/CRM; and your data system and sources.
xStack is built around a managed marketing database. Its decision engine seamlessly integrates its other best-in-class systems.

A Data-driven Marketing Technology Solution

xStack is an all-in-one, fully managed marketing technology and operations solution. It’s built to help B2B companies harness the power of best-in-class tech, without the pain of managing it in-house.

What makes xStack so effective? First, it’s built around a centralized marketing database — not marketing automation or sales-force automation platforms. This eliminates data fragmentation, overcomes the data limitations of specialist systems, and makes the entire tech stack faster and easier to use.

xStack comes with another major benefit: Outsourcing marketing tech eliminates the hassle of selecting, onboarding and integrating multiple systems. We’ll quickly get you set up on our best-in-class systems, help leverage them to run effective programs, and perform ongoing data management and hygiene to deliver long-term value.

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What’s in Your Marketing Technology Stack

  • Managed Marketing Database
    xStack is built around a unified, cloud-based, Amazon®-hosted marketing database. We’ll customize the basic framework of this robust database to meet your company’s unique data needs.
  • Decision Engine
    This sophisticated software system ensures that data passes effectively and accurately between all of xStack’s specialist systems. The decision engine also manages database cleaning and hygiene — including inference rules — so data is always up-to-date and usable.
  • Your Data and Sales-force Automation Platforms
    Using the decision engine, xStack can integrate data from separate or fragmented databases while prioritizing accuracy and data security. And if you’re using sales-force automation (SFA) like Salesforce, SAP or Oracle, we can incorporate it into xStack, ensuring that only sales-ready leads enter your SFA. Don’t have an SFA? We can ramp you up on our proprietary webLEAD™ software platform quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Marketo® Marketing Automation Engagement Platform
    This best-in-class marketing automation platform allows for digital behavior tracking, form hosting, website and landing page management, automated email campaigns, and more. As a 2016 Marketo Partner of the Year finalist, we can help you maximize the value of these capabilities. And if you need help leveraging your platform, we offer a full-service marketing automation management solution, too.
  • Noble Call Center Platform
    Telemarketing can be a powerful tool for B2B companies, especially those with high-investment offerings or complex sales processes. xStack’s robust call center platform is built to help marketers leverage the potential of B2B telemarketing. Want even more value? Our full in-house teleservices team can also handle calls on your behalf.
  • Cross-system, Self-service Reporting
    Our business value reporting offers easy access to the metrics that best measure marketing success. We map reports onto the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, incorporating metrics across specialist systems to create a holistic picture of your performance. Our reports go beyond behavior tracking, delivering insight into database health, lead volume and quality, and overall marketing effectiveness.

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SiriusDecisions Practitioner
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