Make Your B2B Website a Conversion Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come.” You may have heard this famous movie quote before, but in the context of website conversion, how do you build your B2B site in a way that makes prospects not only visit, but convert? Whether you’re considering building a new site from scratch or revamping your existing one to improve outcomes, designing for web conversion optimization (WCO) is critical to making your website a revenue-producing engine. Watch this webinar with The Mx Group’s VP of Marketing & Strategy Kellie de Leon and our guest speaker, Forrester SiriusDecisions’ Research Director Jessie Johnson.

Together, they will:

  • Introduce the SiriusDecisions’ “attract, engage, qualify” framework for tackling WCO
  • Show you real-life examples of websites that are getting it right
  • Provide guidance on how to operationalize and measure WCO for ongoing success