Tailor to Your Target: How to Create Meaningful ABM Content and Touchpoints

by / Apr 02, 2018

This is the third post in our Operationalizing ABM series.  Check out our other posts on account identification and insights for ABM.

Account-based marketing can take a lot of research, planning and preparation before you even start creating actual ABM content. So it can be refreshing when you’re finally ready to produce content, and it can be tempting to just crank it out after you’ve spent so much time working up to that point. But I want to caution you to take your time. It’s important to be thoughtful in your approach to planning content and touchpoints, and you shouldn’t do it before you’re ready. How will you know?

Make sure you’ve completed these critical stages of ABM content marketing before you get started:

  • Define program objectives and ensure alignment across departments, especially with Sales
  • Identify and prioritize accounts based on the scale of your program
  • Configure your CRM, marketing automation and marketing technology to support your program and an account-based view
  • Develop account data, information and insight to understand your buyers’ needs

Once you’ve done all that, you’re ready to begin planning your ABM content and touchpoints. Notice I didn’t just say “content.” While the things we typically think of as content are likely to come into play (think white papers, videos, interactive content, etc.), it’s also important to think about things like events, telemarketing and even dimensional direct mail to ensure program success. You need to make sure you’re putting the buyer first when planning content, to make sure it’s relevant and resonant. Plus, you want to personalize and customize thoughtfully to create impactful experiences for your target accounts and contacts.

For more information on how to get started with an ABM content plan, and content ideas tailored to your ABM program’s scale, take a little time to watch our Fast Focus Webinar, “Operationalizing ABM: Touchpoints”.

In about 20 minutes, you’ll learn about:

  • 3 steps to operationalize ABM touchpoints
  • The ABM content customization spectrum
  • What successful personalization looks like
  • Engaging examples of ABM content for different types of ABM programs
When it comes to creating content for ABM, an intentional approach is the only way to ensure a successful connection with your target. Want to know where to start or confirm you’re headed in the right direction?

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