Paying it forward with Creative Pitch pitching in to the creative community

Most of us wouldn’t be working here, at a business-to-business creative agency, if it weren’t for school art programs, extra-curricular art programs, art festivals, and art movements. And last but not least, the money to fund those programs. In recent years, the arts have had some series cuts in funding, especially where it is needed most — in schools.

Some time ago, The Mx Group decided to do something about it, and got involved with “Creative Pitch.”

Creative pitch is a not-for-profit organization that came to our attention through AIGA Chicago. Their campaign is simple — “Somebody needs this crap,” referring to all the unused art supplies we have in our office production area and homes. Instead of just throwing it out or waiting to find a use for it, Creative Pitch gets those materials into the hands of art teachers and students in elementary schools that need them the most. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

How can you “Pitch” in?

There are several ways to participate in the inaugural Creative Pitch campaign.

  • Companies — If willing to participate by donating art materials, you can get information packets and posters to help spread the word throughout your company. Organize a supply drive on your own or ask Creative Pitch to facilitate a corporate community service event. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Individuals — Volunteer to help sort materials, assist with corporate programs and awareness opportunities, organize a benefit or fundraiser, distribute posters and materials to participating companies, and help teachers shop.

To learn more about getting involved in Creative Pitch, visit


About Tom Barg

Tom is vice president and executive creative director at The Mx Group. He holds an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA from Loyola University. Tom brings more than 15 years of B2B creative energy and experience to his role on the team. Before joining The Mx Group, Tom held a senior creative management position with a technical publishing company. As the creative head of The Mx Group, Tom specializes in developing core branding and messaging platforms that create strong connections to the market and drive long-term revenue for clients.