Juneteenth: An Interactive Celebration

by / Jun 22, 2022

The Mx Group continued our company-wide tradition of honoring Juneteenth with our Day of Learning event. We were joined by team members from the HELM Life organization that led our Mx’ers through a virtual learning activity. The interactive event granted us the privilege to celebrate, reflect on and learn about the significance of Juneteenth across the United States.

Mx’ers gathered virtually over Zoom and were organized into groups. Each group collaborated with a HELM leader that guided us through quizzes and puzzles about the history of Juneteenth and Black culture. During the interactive sessions, we were able to discuss the importance of racial education, of recognizing our own unconscious biases, and of creating an inclusive culture that fosters diversity and equity.

The Mx Group coffee mug displaying the phrase, "your values are your invisible strength."
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Embedding and truly living company values within an organization doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey.

HELM Life is dedicated to supporting HR, ERGs (employee resource groups) and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) teams with community, content and connection in a remote world. They create virtual social events that bring organizations together through education and collaboration.

We were incredibly grateful for HELM Life’s commitment to creating community and for their leadership. Our Mx’ers learned about Juneteenth celebrations across the U.S. and we will continue to look toward the future in the fight for equality.