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Blog: Jack Coleman talks about his intern experience at The Mx Group

As a college student, you hear a lot about internships. Your professors bring them up. Your parents bring them up. Your classmates bring them up and discuss their respective opportunities for the coming summer. In this day and age, an internship with real experience is almost a must-have for getting a job after college. Luckily for me and my classmates, these days internships are more about doing real work and less about making coffee runs for your employers. So halfway through my junior year, I reached out to Pete Wroblewski of The Mx Group and I have not looked back.

The experience I gained from this internship began before I was employed. I had done mock interviews before, but the interview conducted by the professionals here at The Mx Group forced me to think on my feet with some questions I wasn’t expecting — I really had to sell myself as a high-quality and qualified candidate. After the first interview, the agency reached out to set up a second-round phone interview, which filled me with both nervousness and excitement. It obviously went well; otherwise I wouldn’t be here months later writing this post.

I want to start with what I liked most about being an Mx employee: the people. I interacted with many people during my three months at the agency, and none of them treated me like an intern. They treated me like a valued member of the team, and at the same time were sure to mention that they were there to help if I had any questions. On top of that, The Mx Group has created an amazing workplace culture. Employees get flexible schedules and summer hours. The company runs contests and activities to make sure there’s never a dull moment around the office. The executives are always around in the office, which you won’t find with a lot of companies. And of course, I wouldn’t be a college student if I didn’t mention the free craft beer fridge. On top of all that, the employees here know how to have fun while getting their work done. We conducted a pun contest open to all employees that didn’t halt productivity at all. It’s also not uncommon to hear people joking around with one another during meetings, yet work still always comes first.

Next, I want to mention some of my favorite things about my specific role with the marketing team here at The Mx Group. For starters, I wasn’t coming into work and doing the same mundane thing for 40 hours each week – I was always working on something new and challenging, which made coming to work far more enjoyable. I was given plenty of responsibility as a member of a team. As the summer went on, I was also given some of my own projects to complete from start to finish, and making something out of nothing with your own hands is an awesome feeling. And I appreciated that I was given a wide range of assignments: I wasn’t stuck in one role, but rather got to be a “jack” of all trades.

Next, I want to talk about what I feel I have gained from this internship. First things first, I learned how to work 40-hour weeks. I don’t think this is something they were intending to teach me, but it sure was something I desperately needed to learn. Before this summer, I thought 20-hour weeks were a heavy workload … boy, was I wrong. Next, I got to see projects come together from start to finish. I shadowed co-workers on their projects, and I got to be a part of some others. I really saw how teamwork and communication matter, and how many people it takes to bring projects together. I got to work with social-media metrics, touch-point metrics, and marketing automation, three fields I believe are only going to grow in marketing, with technology constantly improving and expanding.

I also assisted in website redesign by analyzing the websites of other companies in the marketing world. This allowed me to gain some insight into how these companies advertise their work, their services and who they are. I even got to work on social-media marketing, which was a big deal for me as it is a career path I’ve been considering for a while now, and it’s actually a crucial part of my answer when asked about my dream job. I got to analyze the social-media practices of other companies, track social media metrics, and even write some of the posts for The Mx Group for a few weeks. By getting to work on various projects and in different roles all summer, I feel I really added to every aspect of my skillset as a candidate for future job opportunities.

To end this, I want to thank some people who I do not think I would be here without. I want to start by thanking my brothers in ENT, my professional fraternity, who have helped me expand my professionalism in terms of interview skills, resume-building, business attire and much more. I want to thank Pete and Andy, Suzanne, Nina and Austeja here at The Mx Group for giving me the chance to gain all of this experience. And of course, I want to thank the entire Mx family for making me feel like a welcome and valued part of the team. It has truly been an incredible experience, and I can’t thank you all enough!


About Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is a marketing major at the University of Dayton, slated to graduate in May 2018. He is an active member of Epsilon Nu Tau, the nation’s first entrepreneurship fraternity. As a summer intern with The Mx Group’s internal marketing team, he assisted with projects related to B2B marketing strategy, content creation, design, digital development and demand generation. His involvement has allowed him to develop valuable business skills that make him a promising young professional.

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