The promise has never been so big. Engaging customers when they want, where they want and with the content they want. Utilizing information-rich, easily maintained databases to trigger timely and cost-effective communications. Ensuring that every sales lead is sales-ready, with timely and effective follow-up by the appropriate rep or channel partner. The Mx Group helps make this vision a reality with proven and practical solutions.

Align your marketing and sales teams

Image of marketing and sales alignment across the sales pipeline
Studies show that companies that have fully aligned their marketing and sales perform dramatically higher than companies that haven’t. Our proven sales and marketing alignment process helps establish shared lead definitions across the sales pipeline and set measurable expectations about the contributions of marketing and sales to demand generation.

Integrate your Marketing and Sales Technologies

We understand today’s technologies and how to use them to enable peak performance. If you have your own instance(s) of marketing automation, CRM, data management, etc., we can help with best practices processes, as well as with day-to-day operations.

If you have not already committed to these technologies, our platform of best-in-class components offers a low-risk way to put an integrated technology solution in place quickly and cost-effectively. No cross-functional selection committees, no capex justifications, no 12–24 months of implementation time … just measurable results in this budget year.

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Manage your leads

Image of B2B lead management diagram
The Mx Group’s proven processes ensure that every engagement, and ultimately every lead, is followed up on quickly and appropriately. From lead qualification and fulfillment to the implementation of multi-channel journeys for your buyer personas, we help with every element of your response management program, leveraging integrated marketing and sales technologies. Whether you need a comprehensive solution or simply have gaps in your process that you need to fill, our experienced team can provide you with the right resources to ensure your lead flow is optimized.

Source and manage your data

Visual example of lead management
Our data sourcing team helps you find and enrich data assets, leveraging a wide range of sources and employing rigorous targeting and quality-control processes.

Our data management specialists and architects efficiently consolidate, standardize and integrate all of your data into a scalable database that serves as the backbone of your marketing operations and delivers actionable intelligence for your entire organization.

Use telemarketing to qualify and sell

Image of B2B telemarketing for lead generation and lead qualification
Telemarketing continues to play an important role in integrated B2B sales and marketing programs. Whether you are trying to build a pipeline of qualified leads, gather information to enrich your database, engage customers and prospects, or close sales, our in-house telemarketing operation can help. We understand the complexities of B2B markets, and our telemarketers have the training and context they need to interact successfully with your customers and prospects.

Empower Your Sales Team and Optimize Your Channel

Screenshot of client lead management and demand generation program
From territory playbooks to sales portals and custom proposal and quote tools, our cross-functional teams provide data, content and tools to optimize the performance of your sales efforts.

For companies that sell through distributors, value-added resellers or third-party sales reps, we’ll help you create effective channel management strategies and implement solutions to empower your partners and provide insights into your end users’ buying decisions.